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Newspaper Comic Strips

These are the newspaper strips that are represented so far in my gallery.  Right now I only have the art pictured, with very little information (if any) on the strips themselves.  I'll eventually add some historical information on each page.  In the meantime, click on the links below for pictures of original art samples.  (All art is copyrighted by the respective creator(s), distributor(s), and/or publisher(s) and therefore may not be reproduced for any reason.)


Abbie an' Slats The Adventures of Patsy Aggie Mack Alley Oop Amanda Panda Amy Andy Capp Animal Crackers Animalogic Another View Apartment 3G Archie Arlo & Janis



babe 'n' horace Baby Mine Back Home Again Barney Google and Snuffy Smith B.C. Beetle Bailey Benjy The Berrys The Better Half Biff Buff Big Ben Bolt Big Sister Bill Bottleneck Biography Blast Blair Blondie Blooper Brown Bo Boots and Her Buddies Born Loser Bound and Gagged Brenda Breeze Brenda Starr, Reporter Bringing Up Father Broncho Bill Broom Hilda Brother Juniper Buffalo Bill Bugs Bunny Bungle Family Buttons An' Beaux



Campus Clatter Can You Solve The Mystery Candy Captain Easy Captain's Gig Carnival Carol Day Casey the Cop Catfish Cathy Cecil C. Addle Cello Lake Champs and Chumps Ching Chow Chloe Cicero's Cat Close To Home The Colonials Conan the Barbarian Country Parson Cuffy Curly Kayoe



The Dailys Dan Dunn Dateline: Danger! David Crane Davy Jones Dennis the Menace The Diary of Snubs, Our Dog Dick Tracy Dickie Dare Discontinued Stories Doc Pipps Dondi Doonesbury Dotty Dripple Downstown The Dropouts Duck Soup Dumb-Bells Dumb Dora Dunagin's People



Ella Cinders Emmy Lou Etta Kett



Family Circus Fingers and Foes Flapper Filosofy Flash Gordon The Flibbertys Flintstones The Flop Family For Better or For Worse Frank and Ernest Freckles and His Friends Freddy Friday Foster Fritzi Ritz From Nine to Five Funky Winkerbean Funny Business



Garfield Gasoline Alley Geech Gene Autry George Gil Thorp Ginger Glamor Girls Glamorous Widow Good Time Guy Gordo Grampa's Gang Grandma Granotes i Cuques (Frogs and Bugs) Graves, Inc. The Great John L. Green Berets Grin and Bear It The Gumps



Hagar the Horrible Hap Hopper Hapless Harry The Happy Days Harold Teen Hatch Hawkshaw the Detective Hazel The Heart of Juliet Jones Heathcliff Henry Hi and Lois High Lights of History Hollie's Follies Home Workshop Howard the Duck Hubert



Jackson Twins Jane Arden Jerry on the Job Joe and Asbestos Joe Jinks Joe Palooka Johnny Hazard Johnny Stardust Johnny Wonder The Joke's On Me! Judge Parker Jumble Jungo Junior Grade Just Among Us Girls



Katz Keeping Up With The Joneses Kempo Kid Kernel Cootie Keypeek King Aroo Kippy Kiwi



Lancelot Laughing Matter Liberty Meadows Life's Like That Little Annie Rooney Little Audrey Little Brother Hugo Little Lulu Little Mary Mixup The Little Mermaid Little Orphan Annie The Little People Little People's Puzzle The Lively Ones Lola Lolly Lolly's Hotel Lone Ranger



Mac Divot Mac the Medic Magic Roundabout Mandrake the Magician Mark Trail Marmaduke Marty Python and the Holy Grill Marvin Mary Worth Mary Worth's Family Maude Medicare Merry Menagerie Mickey Finn Millie Th' Zoo-Keeper's Daughter Milton and Mollie Moon Mullins Moose Motley's Crew Moxy Mr. Abernathy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. A. Mutt (Mutt and Jeff) Mr. Tweedy Mrs. Fitz's Flats Muggs and Skeeter Muppets Mutts



Nancy Napoleon The Nebbs The Neighbors Norbert Nubbin Nuts and Jolts



O MacDonald Off Main Street Off the Record Oh Teacher Our Boarding House with Major Hoople Out of the Gene Pool Out Our Way



Patience and Sarah Peaches Petey Pickles Pier 19 Pixie Puzzle Adventures Pluribus Prairie Creek Priscilla's Pop Professor Phumble






R.F.D. Reg'lar Fellers Rick O'Shay Rivets Rocket Shots Rooftop O'Toole Room and Board Rubes Rudy Rugrats The Ryatts



The Sacramentans The Sage of Timon The Saint Salty Seems Like Yesterday Sesame Street Shelly Sherman On the Mount Sherman's Lagoon Short Ribs Show Biz Side Glances Simpkins Single Slices Sir Bagby Sir Lim'rick Sleeve Banyon the small society Smidgens Smilin' Jack The Smith Family Smitty Sniffy Sonny South Soozi The Spats Speck the Altar Boy Speed Bump Speed Walker Private Eye Spence Easley Spicy Star Hawks Star Trek Stees Sees Steve Roper & Mike Nomad Stormfield Straight Arrow Strictly Business Suburban Cowgirls Suburban Torture Sugar Superman Surgeon Stone



Take It Easy Pop Tarzan Terry and the Pirates That's Jake There Oughtta Be A Law This Man's Army This Week in Astrology Tiger Tillie the Toiler Time Out! Tiny Tim Tippie Tizzy Tom & Jerry The Toodles Toots and Casper The Touchables Tubby Tumbleweeds TV Laffs Twitch



Uncle Dudley



Walnut Cove Wayout Wee 3 Wee Pals Willie Winnie Winkle, the Breadwinner The Wizard of Id Woody Forrest Woody's World The World's Greatest Superheroes



Young Ideas Your Love Story Your Angels Speak





Unknown (this page is for strips that I own but have no information on)



All art is by their respective holders. and entire site Eric Agena.  All Rights Reserved.  Unauthorized reproduction, use or publishing in part or in full is prohibited.