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Mary Worth's Family

Dale Conner Ulrey ("Dale") did the art for Mary Worth's Family from 1939 through 1942.


Example of Mary Worth's Family daily by Dale Conner Ulrey, January 24, year unknown but probably from the 1940s.  Image size:  20" x 5".  Pen and ink with brush.  The syndicate label has peeled off of the first panel.  This example has excellent inking, and is somewhat surprising with the depiction of a gay character during a time in American comic strips when such a subject would normally be taboo.  There is a fold between the second and third panels with a little bit of fraying.  Ulrey also did the strips Ayer Lane and Hugh Striver in the 1940's.


Reverse of Mary Worth's Family daily by Dale Ulrey, January 24, year unknown.  I have no idea of the significance of the writing here.  This may just be the address of a fan of the strip, but the writing appears to be in German.  If anyone can translate it, please let me know!


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