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Other Art

These are miscellaneous original art pieces that are in my gallery but don't fall under any of the other categories.  Click on the links for pictures of original art samples.  (All art is copyrighted by the respective creator(s), distributor(s), and/or publisher(s) and therefore may not be reproduced for any reason.)


Magazine Art:

Casper (comic strip format for Boys Life magazine)

Charlie Conscript


The Garlic Man

Golf Digest

Sad Sack

Saturday Evening Post

Slogger Boyce


Individual works by artist:

Bo Brown

Dave Dugan

Bruce Bolinger

Earl Engleman

Fran Matera

Tom Prisk

Norman Ritchie

George Stewart


Miscellaneous art:

Bazooka Joe


The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Benefit Portfolio

Earth 33 1/3



All art is by their respective holders. and entire site Eric Agena.  All Rights Reserved.  Unauthorized reproduction, use or publishing in part or in full is prohibited.