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Fran Matera

Fran Matera has an incredible body of work.  He not only drew comic strip and comic book art in his illustrious career, but he also drew and sold many, many cartoons to various magazines across the country.  Unfortunately, he has no record of which magazine bought which cartoon.  One thing that he does remember, though, is that whenever The New Yorker bought one of his cartoons, they had the scene redrawn by one of their own staff artists to maintain the integrity of "the look" of The New Yorker.

Here you will find various panels by Fran Matera, dates and years of publication unknown.  Not even Fran knows where these were published, so if anyone out there can tell me where these were published before, please let me know!



Published magazine panel by Fran Matera, date and year unknown.  Medium art paper size:  8 1/2" x 11".


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