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The Magic Roundabout, by Serge Danot

Serge Danot was the son of a tanner, and he played out his childhood adventures with hand made puppets.  In 1952 Danot left his home for Paris.  He took on a job as a cleaner in a film studio and slowly learned the film making trade. Le Manège Enchanté (The Magic Roundabout) was created by Danot in the mid 1960s, with the first cartoons done in French.  The comic strip ran in the Sun Newspaper in England during the mid-1970s, with over 500 episodes were made.  The English version of The Magic Roundabout was also shown on television in England for many years during the 1970s.


Example of Magic Roundabout daily by Serge Danot, April 28, 1975.  Copyright Serge Danot.  Art board size:  43cm x 15cm.  Pen and ink with green overlays.  The art is in great condition but is a little dusty with some fingermarks in the margins due to being in storage.  I love this particular daily as it so beautifully captures the frustration of golf (I actually bent a putter myself!).


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