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Can You Solve The Mystery, by Fran Matera

Strip run:   1984 - 1985

Can You Solve The Mystery is another of many comic strips credited to Fran Matera.  This strip was created and written by Jim Lawrence and drawn by Matera.  It was aimed at the 8 to 12 year old children's market, with the main cast members being Hawkeye, Amy, and Sarge.  Sundays would feature a complete, self-contained episode, but the "gimmick" was found in the dailies.  The mystery adventure and clues would be spread throughout the Monday through Friday strips, and all would be resolved and explained in the Saturday strip.


Example of Can You Solve The Mystery daily written by Jim Lawrence and drawn by Fran Matera, 1984, date unknown.  Medium art paper size:  17 1/4" x 5".


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