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Wee 3, by David Gantz

David Gantz created Wee 3 in the 1950s as a kid's humor comic strip appearing in the color comics sections of newspapers.  At the same time, Gantz also drew the comic strip Moxy, a beautifully drawn strip with a colorful cast of characters.  After Wee 3, Gantz drew Dudley D. from 1961 - 1963 and Don Q. from 1975 - 1979.  He was a terrific comic book and comic strip artist who also illustrated children's books and magazines.


Example of Wee 3 Sunday by David Gantz, June 29, 1959.  Copyright Sponsored Comics, Inc.  Heavyweight paper size:  16 1/2" x 13", image size:  14 1/4" x 10".  Red and India ink.  This episode features the two boys and a girl who are the lead characters of the strip. Signed by David Gantz in the last panel.


Example of Wee 3 color guide for June 29, 1959 (see the Sunday strip pictured earlier).


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