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Archie, by Bob Montana

Strip run:  1947 - present


Example of Archie daily by Bob Montana, July 1, 1967.  Copyright Archie Comic Publications, Inc., distributed by King Features Syndicate.  A great original by the master himself.


Example of Archie daily by Dan DeCarlo, January 16, 1985.  Copyright King Features Syndicate, Inc.  Art board size:  13" x 4".


Example of Archie Sunday by Dan DeCarlo, May 6, 1990.  Copyright Creators Syndicate, Inc.  Signed by DeCarlo in the lower right corner.


Example of Archie daily by Dan DeCarlo, June 19, 1993.  Copyright Creators Syndicate, Inc.


Also check out the art for a full 5-page story about Jughead's dog, Hot Dog, on the Archie comics gallery page.


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