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The Smith Family, by George and Virginia Smith


Example of The Smith Family daily by George and Virginia Smith, February 7, year unknown.  Copyright Washington Star Syndicate, Inc.  The art for the panels are all pasteups, but are the original pencils and inks.  This piece is odd, in that it appears to have been used for a greeting card based on the inscription ("All the best Harry from 'The Smith Family' George & Virginia", and beneath it reads "It's 33 Grandchildren now!").  The art was also folded in half at one time and mailed, as there is a postmark on the back.  The year is possibly 1973, the date of the postmark on the back.


Reverse of The Smith Family daily for February 7, year unknown.  As stated earlier, the art appears to have been used as a greeting card, as evidenced by the crease in the middle, the postmark shown here dated September 27, 1973, and signs of a previous address label.


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