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Aggie Mack, by Hal Rasmusson

Strip run:  As Aggie Mack, 1946 - 1965

                 As Aggie, 1966 - 1971

Aggie Mack was created by Hal Rasmusson in 1946, and appeared in the Chicago Tribune until the end of the 1950s.  It was a gag-a-day strip based mainly on the everyday life of teenagers, with the star being a cute blonde named Aggie Mack.  There were also numerous supporting characters, with a lot of the guys having real "hip" names like Animal, Wayout, and Swinger.  The series enjoyed great success in France, where it first appeared in Fillettes in 1947.  In 1960, Gérard Alexandre, who signed with the pseudonym AL.G., created a French version of the strip based on Rasmussen's creation and called it simply Aggie .  Back in the US, the series was taken over by Roy Fox after Rasmusson's death in 1962.  In 1966, the name of the American strip was shortened to Aggie and continued to run until its demise in 1971.


Example of Aggie Mack daily by Roy Fox, September 23, 1963.  Copyright The Chicago Tribune.


Example of Aggie daily by Roy Fox, June 29, 1968.  Copyright The Chicago Tribune.


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