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Alley Oop, by V. T. Hamlin

Strip run:  1933 - Present


Signed 3x5 color picture of Dave Graue and Jack Bender holding an "Alley Oop" daily.  Picture is inscribed to me.


Incredible original watercolor drawing of "Alley Oop" by Dave Graue and Jack Bender, personalized and signed to me.  This is one of the most treasured pieces of art that I own.


Example of Alley Oop daily by V. T. Hamlin and Dave Graue, April 16, 1971.  Copyright NEA, Inc.


Example of Alley Oop daily by Dave Graue, May 24, 1974.  Copyright NEA, Inc.  Heavyweight paper mounted on illustration board, art size:  16 1/2" x 4 3/4".  Note the inscription to Bud Sagendorf of "Popeye" fame in the left margin outside the art.  This strip features Alley Oop and Dr. Einmug with the famous time machine.  The strip is in great condition with the exception of a light vertical crease between the first and second panels.


Example of Alley Oop Sunday by Dave Graue, June 6, 1982.  Copyright NEA, Inc.


Example of Alley Oop color guide for June 6, 1982 (see the Sunday strip pictured earlier).


Example of Alley Oop daily by Dave Graue, April 11, 1989.  Copyright NEA, Inc.  This is a beautiful clean example.


Check out Alley Oop for yourself by clicking on the link below.

Alley Oop


For additional info on Alley Oop, check out the link below (it also has some great scans of original Alley Oop art):

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