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The Sage of Timon, by Fran Matera

The Sage of Timon is another addition to the long list of titles credited to Fran Matera.  He teamed up with a newspaper editor to create this locally-run and short-lived newspaper strip.  The name "DEMA" combines the names of the two creators, Paul Deagan (the editor) and Fran Matera.  They failed to sell the title to a syndicate, however, so they gave it up after a short run.


Example of The Sage of Timon Sunday by "DEMA" (Fran Matera and Paul Deagan), date and year unknown.  Art paper size:  15" x 11".


Reverse of The Sage of Timon Sunday.  It appears Fran practiced some cross-hatching in the lower right corner.


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