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Jerry on the Job, by Walter Hoban

From the online Lambiek Comiclopedia: Walter C. Hoban (1890 - 1939, USA) started his career at the newspaper The North American, where he got a job as an office boy, hoping to become a reporter. Not having any ambitions to become a professional comic artist, he was asked to draw sports gags for the newspaper. In 1912, he joined the New York Journal, where he instantly created his best-known comic Jerry on the Job, which became quite popular. In the 1930s, Hoban decided to create another comic, Needlenose Noonan. This comic was published on the Sunday Page together with another Hoban creation, Discontinued Stories by The Mirror and Puck. He also drew a daily strip in the early 1930s called Rainbow Duffy.  Neither comic achieved the success Hoban wanted, and he turned to commercial art. He died in 1939, at the age of 49.


Example of Jerry on the Job daily by Walter Hoban, May 2, year unknown but most likely from the 1920s.  Bristol board, art image area:  23 7/8" x 5 1/4".  Black ink.  The strip has been done with a paste-up of new dialogue, and was either published once with the new text, or twice with the text being redone for a second publishing.


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