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Nip, by Eric Lindgren

Nip is another creation of Eric Lindgren, a talented artist with the webcomic strips Meadowshire, Space Pirates, and The Rabbit Berets also to his credit.  You can visit his site by clicking here.

Here's some history behind Nip, in Eric's own words:

"This strip came about via the request of a gentleman by the name of Nikesh Murali in India.  He was involved in a new publication and was looking for a unique strip that they could set themselves apart with.  The audience was young adult English speaking East Indians.  So I found this bumbling older teenager named Nip lurking around in my brain and brought him out along with his roomate Tuck and his crush, Cinda.  The paper ran for three months and shutdown due to gross mis-management.  The staff, including Nikesh and Nip, walked out it.  The only person that ever had been paid during that time was me."

Check out some great Nip art below!


Example of Nip dailies by Eric Lindgren.  Copyright Eric Lindgren.


Signed letter by Eric Lindgren explaining the histories behind his four webcomics.


Also, check out the gallery pages for Eric's other webcomic strips, Meadowshire, Space Pirates, and The Rabbit Berets.


Although Nip is no longer updated, you can see the archives for the strip (as well as the rest of the Lindgren family of cartoons) by clicking on the link below!


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