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Wigu, by Jeffrey Rowland

You know how reality TV has really taken over the airwaves?  Imagine if the shows really WERE reality.  Wigu by Jeffrey Rowland explores that possibility in a very unique way.  The comic, as described by Jeff, is "a comic set in a multiverse made up by Jeffrey Rowland. The universes that make up the multiverse are connected through television shows. The things seen on television are not fiction, but actually glimpses into other universes. Somehow this makes sense in Jeffrey Rowland's mind. The things you watch can also watch you."  The storyline is basically built around two casts;  the one on Earth featuring Wigu Tinkle and his family, and the one in Butter Dimension 360, featuring Topato Potato, Princess Awesomelope Dongle, and Sheriff Pony.  And the comic gets crazier from there.  You just have to experience it for yourself.

Check out some of Jeff's awesome art below!  Be sure to also see the gallery page for Jeff's journal comic, Overcompensating.


Example of Wigu daily by Jeffrey Rowland.


An awesome sketch of Paisley and Romy on the beach in Hawaii, done by Jeff specifically for the site.  It even has a "War of the Worlds" theme to it!  Thanks, Jeff!


My membership in the Loch Ness Monster Adventure Club, with Jeff certifying me as the Minister of Hauoli!  Woo hoo!


Also, check out the gallery page for Jeff's other webcomic, Overcompensating.


Check out Wigu for yourself by clicking on the link below!


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