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Sand & Stone, by Lynn Lau

In addition to Jupiter, Lynn does the webcomic Sand & Stone.  The writing speaks for itself, and features more of Lynn's beautiful artwork.  It basically centers around the relationship between the two main characters, Train and Seth.  Oh, and demons coming to Earth.  And a little dragon. me, it's a great story.  Sadly, this wonderful tale came to its conclusion on December 30, 2005.

Fortune has truly smiled upon all of us, however.  Lynn has graciously bestowed upon the gallery ALL of the artwork for the entire strip.  Yes people, you've read that right;  the artwork for the entire run of Sand & Stone has been kept intact and is in the collection.  (Lynn, you are absolutely incredible and I could never thank you enough!)  Check out some great examples of the original art from Lynn below, and then go check out the finalized strips at Lynn's site!


Example of Sand & Stone daily by Lynn Lau, September 1, 2002.  This is the top two-thirds of the first Sand & Stone daily.  To see the finished piece, click here.


Example of Sand & Stone daily by Lynn Lau, September 1 and 8, 2002.  This is the bottom third of the first Sand & Stone daily, plus the top third of the daily for September 8, 2002.  To see the finished pieces, click here and here.


An awesome specialty piece by Lynn.  This was done for a fan by Lynn in December 2002, and was started and finished in one day.  To see the finished piece, click here.


An awesome strip done by Lynn, with Seth and Train being visited by E'los of the webcomic Spells and Whistles.  The history of this piece, as described by Lynn:  "This was done for Tauhid of the now-revamped Spells and Whistles in March 2003.  Because E'los is just too fun a char not to play around with. :)"  To see the finished piece, click here.


A breathtaking specialty piece by Lynn Lau of the S&S girls on the beach in Hawaii.  Lynn's abilities are absolutely amazing;  look at the detail in this piece!  Thanks, Lynn!


Cover of Lynn's mini-comic, My Pet Growth.  This was a mini-comic that Lynn did for a young friend who had to have a growth removed.  It's a great little story.


Inside cover of My Pet Growth.


Also, go check out the gallery page for Lynn's other webcomic, Jupiter.


Go and experience Sand & Stone for yourself by clicking the link below!

Oh, and go visit Lynn's homepage by clicking here.


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