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Jupiter, by Lynn Lau

Lynn has a number of webcomics to her credit, and Jupiter is one of them.  It's a fun strip with great art, and a very unique storyline.  Here's the story of Jupiter, in Lynn's own words:  "The history of Jupiter...well, the idea just subtly bloomed in my head sometime last year.  I'd always wondered at the phrase 'run away to join the circus' because I, with my plantation background, thought, 'C'mon, don't you know what it would be like to clean elephant cages??'  So when I wanted to create another comic, I thought about this and started to create the Jupiter cast from there.  I also like challenging myself in comics, so learning to draw better animals has become part of this."

Check out a bit of Lynn's great art below!


Example of Jupiter dailies by Lynn Lau.  These are the first three strips of the title, and Lynn's beautiful art and excellent writing is already shining through.


An awesome specialty piece of Jupiter and Trent signed by Lynn.  A great shot of Jupiter doing the "Jupiter dance"!


A beautiful drawing of Louisa by Lynn.  A wonderfully detailed piece.


An INCREDIBLE specialty piece by Lynn Lau of the Jupiter crew at the beach in Hawaii.  What a beautiful work of art!  Thanks, Lynn!


Front of a Jupiter postcard.


Reverse of Jupiter postcard, with a great sketch of Jupiter with Seth and Train of Sand & Stone.


The first half of a letter Lynn wrote for me describing her creative process.


The second half of the letter describing Lynn's creative process and the history of Jupiter, signed by Lynn.


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Go and experience the fun of Jupiter by clicking on the link below!

Also, visit Lynn's homepage by clicking here.


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