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Migrayn, by Jay Mcleod ("Mig")

I love kung fu movies.  Not just the current Jackie Chan and Jet Li fare;  I like the old school, "Black Belt Theater", Shaw Brothers classics.  You know, the kind where the young student who takes a beating during training and is never taken seriously works hard under his master.  The master inevitably gets killed by a rival kung fu master, and the student seeks the killer and, after disposing of various minions and lesser opposition, ultimately takes on the killer in a showdown to avenge his master's death.  I could never get enough of those movies and those stories, and that's what draws me to Migrayn by Jay "Mig" Mcleod.  The comic follows the life of Migrayn, a young disciple of a group of masters of mystic arts.  When they are betrayed by one of their own, the surviving masters bestow their powers unto the young Migrayn, who is then sent on a mission to avenge the wrongs that were done against them.  It's a wonderfully written story, and Mig's art is top-notch.

There's a ton of things to check out here (thanks, Mig!).  Check out Mig's incredible work below!


Example of Migrayn thumbnails by Mig.  A description of the thumbnails, in Mig's own words:  "Here are two pages of thumbnails I did for two different stories.  I leave the words, dialogue, balloons, etc. up in my head until it is scanned into my computer.  I feel my artwork/storyline flows better with spontaneity!"


Second page of Migrayn thumbnail sketches by Mig (see description in previous caption).


Another example of Migrayn thumbnail sketches by Mig.  As described by Mig, "Sometimes the thumbnails are barely coherent to anyone but me!"


Reverse of Migrayn thumbnail sketches by Mig shown previously. 


Original art for Migrayn Book 1:  Into The Void, page 14 by Mig.  As described by Mig himself, "I do as much inking on paper as possible.  The major black areas are filled in by computer after the scan.  Saves time and money on ink!"


The published pages for Migrayn Book 1:  Into The Void, pages 14 and 15 by Mig (see the original art for page 14 above).


Original art for a Migrayn comic page by Mig.  As described by Mig himself, "Another page from one of my comics.  This will be in book #3."


I am honored to share with you this particular piece.  This is the original cover art for Migrayn Book One:  Into The Void by Mig.  As described by Mig himself, "My first 'mainstream' cover.  As you can tell by looking at the actual image, a lot of it is from the computer."


Published cover of Migrayn Book One:  Into The Void.  The original art for this piece was pictured earlier.


Cover of Migrayn Book One:  Into The Void.  This book is printed more as a graphic novel than a comic book.


Cover of Migrayn Book Two:  Burning Vengeance.  Awesome cover art by Mig.


Cover of PV Comics issue 1 signed by Mig.


Here's an incredible item sent to me by Mig.  It's an uncut sheet of PV Comics trading cards.  As described by Mig, "You won't see many of these.  Uncut sheet of PV Comics trading cards from the 2005 Emerald City Comic Con."  Note the cards of characters from Yirmumah! and Atland, two other webcomics that are represented in the gallery.


Reverse side of uncut sheet of PV Comics trading cards from the 2005 Emerald City Comic Con.



Unopened pack of Migrayn buttons.  Also a close-up pic of another button that Mig sent to me.


My black Migrayn t-shirt.  Awesome.


Here's the original art for the Migrayn t-shirt by Mig pictured earlier.


Original Migrayn art by Mig used for the Migrayn website.  As described by Mig, "Image created for the website.  I love the bold lines on this baby!"


A handcolored original Migrayn sketch by Mig.


Another original inked Migrayn sketch by Mig.


Another original inked Migrayn sketch by Mig.


An original Migrayn pencil sketch by Mig.


An incredible sketch of Migrayn in Hawaii done by Mig specifically for my site.  Check out the detail in this piece!  There's a minor spelling error in the speech of Migrayn, who should be saying "A hui hou kakou, my friend", meaning "Until we meet again, my friend" (great job with the Hawaiian anyway, Mig!).  Thanks again, Mig, for an absolutely breathtaking piece!


Sketch of Migrayn on back of package received from Mig.  I couldn't bring myself to throwing the package away because of the sketch.


Whew!  What an incredible display of Mig's talent!  He's really a great guy and an awesome artist (as you can plainly see).


Go and experience Migrayn for yourself by clicking here!  (Mig, send me a link banner man, you're killing me!)


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