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Atland, by Nate Piekos

Atland by Nate Piekos is a beautifully drawn and well written strip.  The story is set in medieval-ish times with a colorful cast of characters.  The strip quickly became a favorite of mine. 

Here's a little more about Atland, directly from the website:

"ATLAND IS... your weekly dose of fantasy hijinks as presented by Nate Piekos. Join us as we follow our intrepid heroes on their quest across the whole of Atland to save humanity from a centuries-old evil! (...of course...) The way is fraught with dangerous monsters, ancient magic and hopefully some cold ale and tavern girls with more than three teeth."

Check out some of Nate's great artwork below!


Example of Atland unused daily by Nate Piekos.  This was a first draft of Episode 16 and was partially inked.


Signed color print of Atland Episode 16.  This is the final version used for the episode.


Example of Atland original art by Nate Piekos.  Copyright Nate Piekos, 2004.  This is the original art for the first panel of Atland episode 17.  Bristol board dimensions:  9" x 12".  This is the introduction of the Diva, and what an introduction it is.  See the finalized strip at Nate's site here.


Signed concept sketch of Atland's Lily White, by Nate Piekos.  What a beautiful piece.


Original art of an Atland female Water Pixie by Nate Piekos.  This is the artwork used on the Atland Denizens page, and is also the piece showcased in Nate's great how-to page, "Drawing the Ladies of Atland".  If there's anyone who can draw beautiful women, it's Nate.


Original art for a trading card of Atland's Lily White by Nate Piekos, done in 2004.  Bristol board size:  11" x 14".  This was for a PV Comics trading card set that was made for the 2005 Emerald City Comic Con.  To see an uncut sheet of the set (including the finished Lily card), see the gallery page for Migrayn where an example is pictured.


An incredible sketch by Nate of Lily on the beach in Hawaii.  Absolutely breathtaking;  thanks, Nate!


Signed Atland poster by Nate Piekos.


A beautiful map of Atland by Nate Piekos.


See the strip for yourself by clicking the link below!



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