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Hellbound, by Eric Nault

Hellbound is a relatively new but really cool webcomic by Eric Nault.  It tells the story of Mel (short for Melenethriel), a succubus who unwittingly stole the soul of Guy, a human who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Together they are on a quest to retrieve both of their souls from being doomed to Hell.  It's a fun read and I really like Eric's style, especially with his renderings of Mel.

Curious about the origin of Hellbound?  Here's what Eric has to say about it:

"I guess this is where I'm supposed to reveal the amazing and superlative origin of Hellbound...well too bad.  There is no origin, or if there is I forgot it.  I think it may have had something to do with a bad burrito before bed."

Heh heh.  How about Eric's creative process?  Here it is, in his own words:

"I do all the panels on the ol' computer.  I can't draw a straight line to save my life, so I let the computer do it for me.  After I scan that thing its into Corel for panels and them Gimp for colours.  Hmm, that's about it actually."

Check out some awesome examples of Eric's work below!  (Note:  Eric actually sent me two batches of his work.  Sadly, the post office decided to go to a car wash with the doors and windows open before they delivered the first package of art.  There is therefore significant water damage to those pieces.  However, despite the smears and creases on those pieces Eric's talent still shines through.  If you'd like to see those, click here.)


Example of Hellbound daily by Eric Nault.  This is the top half of the daily for March 10, 2005.  Great shots of Mel with Guy's dog (who has been possessed by Mel's sister Kyota).


Example of Hellbound daily by Eric Nault, May 26, 2005.


Example of Hellbound daily by Eric Nault, June 1, 2005.


A beautiful rendition of Mel from Hellbound on the beach in Hawaii.  Sadly, this piece was part of the first package that Eric sent me, and thus suffered from water damage.  It's still a great piece though;  thanks, Eric!


A great sketch of Mel in the rain by Eric Nault.  He sent this sketch with his second batch of originals after the first package was damaged by rain.  It's a great sketch that cracked me up;  thanks, Eric!


Check out Hellbound for yourself by clicking on the link below:


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