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Filthy Lies, by Enigma (Brandon Sonderegger)

Filthy Lies is an insane web comic from the brilliant (if not deviant) mind of Brandon Sonderegger, pen name Enigma.  The strip centers around the antics of roommates Damian (the Devil), and Joel (the Jesus?), and their companion Beefsteak (the beefsteak).  To be honest, people, this strip is not for everybody, especially not for children.  It's often vulgar, blasphemous, crude, and distasteful.  But it's funny!


Signed Filthy Lies print by Enigma, August 15, 2003.  This is my personal favorite daily of Filthy Lies;  I can't help laughing every time I read it.


Absolutely incredible acrylic painting of the main characters of Filthy Lies, namely Joel, Damien, and Beefsteak.  I asked Brandon for something for my web comic art gallery;  he came up with the idea of a painting.  Awesome work of art.


Election t-shirt created by Brandon as well as by John Troutman of Basil Flint, P. I. fame.  Great shirt that expresses my sentiments exactly.


Magnet pack of Filthy Lies.


Brandon also did another web comic called Silly Cone V, which ended with the start of Filthy Lies.  Check out an original daily example on the Silly Cone V gallery page!


See the strip for yourself and experience the madness of Filthy Lies by clicking the link below!


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