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Other Adult Publication GGA - Bill Ward


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One of the most prominent and prolific GGA artists of all time is the indomitable Bill Ward.  He practically defined the term "Good Girl Art", and there is no mistaking a piece done by his hand.  He has left an incredible body of work in his wake, and has left his mark in such publications as Humorama, Sex to Sexty, Club Magazine, and even Cracked.

I was very fortunate to have had discussions with his son, Gary Ward, and the items showcased on this page have come courtesy of him.  Please check out some great examples of Bill Ward's work below, and then visit Gary's website that pays tribute to this GGA master.


Original Debbie comic strip by Bill Ward, published in Club Magazine in the mid to late 1980's.  Art board size:  13" x 9".  Pencil, pen, and ink.  The piece is unsigned, but there is no mistaking the Ward women.


Beautiful print of a Bill Ward original from his portfolio.


Another beautiful print of a Bill Ward original from his portfolio, this one signed by Ward in the lower right corner.


Xerox copy of a Christmas-themed Bill Ward piece.  He would send out jokes like this one as Christmas cards.


Xerox copy of another Christmas-themed Bill Ward piece that he used as a Christmas card.


Front cover of an issue of Fun House magazine, featuring some of Bill Ward's art.


Back cover of Fun House magazine, prominently featuring another Bill Ward piece.


Check out Gary Ward's site featuring more of his father's incredible art by clicking here.


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