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Good Girl Art - Humorama

The Humorama line of cartoon panels were used in a variety of men's magazines.  These are the original art pieces that are in my gallery sorted by artist.  Be warned, a lot of the art here is risquι in nature.  The following were the titles of magazines put out by Humorama:  Breezy, Cartoon Parade, Comedy, Eyeful of Fun, Fun House, Gaze, Gee-Whiz, Humorama, Instant Laughs, Jest, Joker, Laugh Circus, Laugh Digest, Laugh Riot, Popular Cartoons, Popular Jokes, Romp, Stare, Snappy, and Zip.  I don't really know all that much about the history of Humorama, so if anyone has any information, please let me know!  I've included photos of the backs of the majority of the pieces as someone might be able to decipher the notations.  Click on the links for pictures of original art samples.  (All art is copyrighted by the respective creator(s), distributor(s), and/or publisher(s) and therefore may not be reproduced for any reason.)


Dale Allen • Arthur Askue • Don Atwood • Rae Avena • Richard Axsen



Frank Beaven • Billingsley (first name unknown) • Hubert Bushey



Helen Case • Cramer (first name unknown)



Ed Dahlin • Joseph Daley • Dawson (first name unknown) • Evan Diamond • John Dunnett



Mike Glynn • Robert Goe



Robert Hageman • Hagglund (first name unknown) • Lowell Hoppes



Harry Jones



Al Kaufman



Ted Miller • Murphy (first name unknown)



Ken Otis (pen name for Taylor Measom)



Polvogt (first name unknown)



Stanley Rayon • Michael Ruck



Frank Sematones • Kirk Stiles



Thom Wesling • Charles Wible • Andy Wyatt


Unknown (Humorama panels that have no artist indicated)


If you're curious of what the magazines and digests look like, I have a few pictured here.


All art is © by their respective © holders. and entire site © Eric Agena.  All Rights Reserved.  Unauthorized reproduction, use or publishing in part or in full is prohibited.