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Unknown Humorama Art


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These are miscellaneous pieces of Humorama art in my collection that I have no information on.  At the very least, the artists are not known.  If anybody has any information, please email it to me.  Your assistance is appreciated!


Example of an original Humorama panel, artist unknown.  Upper left hand corner has notation "B87-44", which probably means it was published in Breezy issue 87, on page 44.  I'm not certain.


For the following pieces, I received this information:  The following illustrations (each measuring 15" x 19") were done for a company in Miami Florida known as Cartoonarama. The company consisted of a group of artists working on cartoons for print and media. The cartoon were prepared to be camera ready art, and were presented to various publications. These cartoon were then published in various risqu�agazines and books of the day.  If anyone has any information on the artist or the relationship between Cartoonarama and Humorama, please let me know!


Example of an original Cartoonarama illusration, artist unknown.  Beautiful, large sized art.


Example of another original Cartoonarama illusration, artist unknown.  There's what appears to be some water damage along the bottom edge of the art.


Example of another original Cartoonarama illusration, artist unknown.  This one was apparently glued in an album page at one time, and unfortunately some of it is still stuck.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to dislodge it wit minimal damage to the art, please let me know!


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