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WLCD | The News Chicks, by Bryan Richter

WLCD | The News Chicks is an entertaining webcomic about the goings-on both in front and behind the cameras of a news crew.  I like Bryan's art style, as he renders his women differently than any other artist I've seen.  Although they often appear to be "plus-size" girls, they're still very attractive and are a refreshing change from the usual way women are portrayed.  Bryan's art style evolved over time, and you can see it as you go through his archives.  Check out some of Bryan's great art below!


Original inked drawing of Terry Sligh by Bryan Richter, January 6, 2003.   Copyright Bryan Richter.  Black LePlume brush marker on 70 lb. acid-free drawing paper.  This was the basis for a desktop wallpaper.


Example of WLCD | The News Chicks unused daily art by Bryan Richter, May 29, 2004.  Copyright Bryan Richter.  Black LePlume brush marker on 80 lb acid-free Canson drawing paper.  This piece features Raven Svoboda and Julie McIntyre.  The story behind the art, as described by Bryan:  "This drawing from May 29, 2004, was intended for an episode of WLCD that was never finished.

"The strip was intended to reveal as follows:

Julie:  Check out my new flipflops. 

[Raven studies them for a second, then removes one from Julie's foot.]

Raven, holding the shoe:  Hmmm.  "John Kerrys."  Who knew?"


Original pencil sketch of Julie McIntyre by Bryan Richter drawn in May 2005.   Copyright Bryan Richter.  Pencil on white 65-lb. acid-free Canson® Universal™ Recycled sketch paper. Trim size 11" x 14".  Image size about 12" tall.


Original inked drawing of Raven Svoboda of WLCD | The News Chicks by Bryan Richter drawn in September 2004.   Copyright Bryan Richter.  This was used as one of the logos for the website between September 2004 and March 2005.  Black LePlume on white 80-lb. acid-free Canson® acid-free drawing paper. Trim size 7" x 9".  Image size about 7 1/2" tall.


Print of WLCD | The News Chicks daily by Bryan Richter, November 9, 2001.  Copyright Bryan M. Richter.


Print of Raven Svoboda by Bryan Richter.  Copyright Bryan M. Richter.


See WLCD for yourself by clicking on the link below!


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