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Van Von Hunter, by Mike Schwark and Ron Kaulfersch

I'm not one who actively seeks manga to read, but I do appreciate the art style and that drew me to Van Von Hunter.  What a joy it was to discover that it's a pleasure to read as well.  Van Von Hunter tells the tale of a self-proclaimed "mighty warrior and killer of all evil things" and his zany misadventures.  Along with his beautiful sidekick (who so far has no name), they wander treacherous lands like the "Mysterious Forest of the Twelve Severed Heads" and the "Land of Dikay" thwarting and destroying any and all evil that may cross their path (even if it's usually by accident).  I know that there are mixed feelings in regards to the manga art style, but even if you're not a big fan you should really give this strip a chance.  It's full of light-hearted and sometimes just plain silly humor, and I honestly find myself laughing out loud with many of the gags in the strip.

Check out some great Van Von Hunter art below!


Examples of Van Von Hunter daily by Mike Schwark (pencils) and Ron Kaulfersch (inks), November 16, 2003.  Bristol size:  14" x 11".  Signed by both Mike and Ron.  Great shots of both the Flaming Prince and Vengeance Joe.


Check out Van Von Hunter for yourself by clicking on the link below!


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