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Penmen, by Gary Blehm

Penmen was a really cool comic strip, in my opinion.  A very simple premise, but a really cool character.  Gary was able to make simple things like sheet music come to life in very imaginative and innovative ways.  It's too bad that the comic strip isn't still alive today (though you can still buy original Penman sketches directly from Gary through his website).

From the Penmen website:

"Gary Blehm created the Penmen character when he was 12 years old drawing in his English book at school.  Then, at 15, he created the first "Find The Two Identical Penmen" poster while trying to find a way to sell his hip little stick figure.

"Years later Gary finally published his first Penmen poster.  It was 1989, and the poster began to sell.  Within 5 years, 8 Penmen posters were on the market, a Penmen book was published by Harcourt Brace, and a Penmen comic strip was syndicated through Creators Syndicate, Inc.

"With syndication, Gary bought his first computer and built

"The Penmen comic strip lasted for 5 years.  In that time, Gary freelanced as a clip artist, and learned Flash to create Penmen cartoons for the website.  It was inevitable that he would become enamored with interactive media.

"Gary presently lives in Divide, Colorado with his two sons, 10 and 14."


Original signed sketch of Penman by Gary Blehm.  Copyright Gary Blehm.


Original signed sketch of Karaoke Penman by Gary Blehm.  Copyright Gary Blehm.  Gary did this one per my request.


Original signed sketch of Surfink Penman by Gary Blehm.  Copyright Gary Blehm.  Gary also did this one by my request.


Front cover of the Penmen paperback by Gary Blehm.  The book is now out of print.


Back cover of the Penmen paperback.


Although the strip is now defunct, you can check out the archives by clicking the link below!


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