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Little Dee, by Chris Baldwin

This is a cute strip about a little girl who got lost in the woods and adopts a bear as her parent.  It's well-drawn and well-written, and is really a delight to read.  There's a wonderful cast of characters, including Little Dee (named by the animals themselves), Ted the large and intimidating but wise and nurturing bear, the ever-loyal and naive Blake (a former housedog), and Vachel the conniving yet lovable vulture.  It's truly a joy to read, with a mix of one-shot gags and longer continuity strips.  Once I discovered this strip I was quickly hooked.

Check out some great examples of Chris' work below!


Example of Little Dee daily by Chris Baldwin, June 23, 2004.  Copyright Chris Baldwin.


Example of Little Dee daily by Chris Baldwin, January 19, 2006.  Copyright Chris Baldwin.  This one is particularly special because of the subject matter, but it also just cracks me up.  I love the subtle things as well, like Vachel's expression in the third panel.


A great sketch by Chris of Dee and Vachel splashing around at the beach in Hawaii.  (Thanks, Chris!)


Go and experience the fun of Little Dee by clicking on the link below!


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