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File 49, by Sara Turner

This webcomic is pretty hard to describe.  The art is beautiful, and the writing engaging.

Here's the synopsis of File 49, as described on the website:

"What is File 49?
File 49 holds all the information regarding the people and practises of The Lennox Project. It is one of many files created and held by a secret agency of the government called the Keeper Division, pertaining to supernatural threats to the country. File 49 was a result of an unknown leak about The Project. File 49 was first created in 1986 and closed in late 1988 after all the information collected was enough to terminate the Lennox Project. Code-named "graduation day", the termination of the Lennox Project involved the disposal of everyone involved. Only about half were discovered. The other half went into hiding...deeming the mission unsuccessful by Keeper Division officials.

What is The Lennox Project?
Sometimes called simply "The Project"...The Lennox Project was formed by William Lennox in 1966. It involved the discovery, nurturing and growth of telepathic, telekinetic "gifts" found in young children. Over the years there were 31 children of the project all varying in age and 19 doctors. After knowledge of the project was spilled to the goverenment and the resulting casualties of "graduation day", the surviving children of the project were hidden for their protection. All knowledge of their involvment with The Project and of their gifts were erased from their memories. Some were placed with families, some were put into foster care, some were just released, but all...nomatter the age...have had recurring problems with what they were forced to forget.

What is the Keeper Division?
The Keeper Division is a secret agency of the government assigned to protect the country from supernatural threats using any means neccesary. Termed "The Keepers", agents of the division "Keep the information, Keep the secrets and Keep the country safe!" . It was formed in the early 1940's but only hit it's peak in the 80's when Agent White was put in charge. At this time there were hundreds of Keepers involved with numerous cases, but over the years and primarily to the failure of File 49 the Keeper Division was massively decreased to only a few agents...then finally to just White himself."

Check out some of Sara's great File 49 art below.


Example of File 49 page by Sara Turner, File 49 Part I, Chapter 1, Page 20.  This beautiful page is a web exclusive, as you can't even see this page on the File 49 website!  The only place it's found is in the File 49 Chapter One print comic;  go and pick one up from the Make Like A Tree Comics website!  Thanks for the great page, Sara!


Example of File 49 page by Sara Turner, File 49 Part II, Chapter 6, Page 126.  Beautiful clean art signed by Sara.


Cover of File 49 Chapter One, by Sara Turner.


File 49 sticker from Sara.


Cover of Through The Lens minicomic by Sara.  It's only a 30-page minicomic, but it tells a powerful story.  There is no dialogue, but the tale is told beautifully through Sara's art alone.


Also, check out the gallery page for Sara's other webcomic, The Replacements.


Check out File 49 for yourself by clicking on the link below:

Also, go and see Sara and Jerzy Drozd's new site, Make Like A Tree Comics, by clicking on the link below!


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