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Boiling Point, by Mikhaela Reid

Boiling Point is a political cartoon from the brilliant hand and mind of Mikhaela Reid.  Brutally honest and beautifully drawn, Mikhaela finds a way to use laughter to help us cope with the sad reality that we must face here in America every day.  Are some of the strips a little harsh?  Maybe.  But even if you disagree with her political views, there is no doubting that her strips often ring of more truth than we'd want to admit.  Her strips often have more journalistic truth than the majority of the media out there.  That's the power of this medium, and Mikhaela knows how to use it to the fullest.  A lot of America has reached its boiling point with this administration;  read this strip today and see for yourself why Boiling Point is so aptly named.


Example of Boiling Point daily by Mikhaela Reid, September 26, 2002.  This is the first cartoon that Mikhaela did for the Boston Phoenix.  You can see some of Mikhaela's creative process here;  there are a bunch of different ideas and notes scattered throughout the art.  Note the great caption by Mikhaela.


Signed Boiling Point print by Mikhaela Reid, September 26, 2002.


A great original sketch by Mikhaela Reid done specifically for my site.  A terrific rendition of herself at the beach in Hawaii.


Cover of Eviction Notice 2 (Boiling Point collection #2).


Inside cover of Eviction Notice 2.  Note the great large inscription and self portrait on page 1 by Mikhaela.


Check out Boiling Point for yourself by clicking here (Mikhaela, please create a link button, you're killing me! :) )


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