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Betweeny, by Alan Brimm

Betweeny was Alan Brimm's world of interesting creatures.  Sadly, it's no longer on the web and I can't find ANY original images of the strip anywhere.  The only thing I have is a sketch that Alan did for me.  Here's a description of the strip from the site which no longer exists:

"Betweeny's name results from its location between Seed Sea and Squeal Eel Bay. More than a mythical setting, it is a reflection of a state of flux, in-between what we do and what we want to do, where we are and where we would rather be. Most of us are constantly at one point looking at our past or future. Betweeny denizens are ensconced in this domain.

"You will find insights on (in no particular order) relations, the food chain, family, and the general nature of things to name a few.


"The URL is:

"With the presence of animated character biographies and a clickable map of the general terrain, the site contains numerous animations viewable with any Internet browser.

"The creatures themselves are an ensemble, having diverse views and lives, a true melting pot, but ultimately Mr. Blue, Fanger, the Lurkees et al. are part of the "huggable freak show"; odd creatures who aren't so strange that they forfeit their appeal.

"Betweeny is available for linking to your site at no charge. The site is updated daily, with a fresh Strip of the Day appearing seven days a week. As in conventional newspaper publishing, the Sunday strip is in color.

"Betweeny began publishing in 1996 as an Internet feature. The San Francisco, California based creation has already established a global audience with fans in Sweden, Germany, Canada, Egypt and Dayton, Ohio."


Signed Betweeny sketch by Alan Brimm, done in March 1998.


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