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Antique White House, by Diana Sass�font>

President John F. Kennedy was a strong and charismatic figure, and his life and persona is well-known by all.  His is a tale that has almost reached mythic proportions, with a life cut way too short.  Antique White House is a creation of Diana Sass�and in it she continues his story.  Well, not exactly.  The story takes place in an alternate universe, with JFK as its star backed by a myriad of colorful characters.  These are the continued tales of JFK as told by Diana, and the artwork is absolutely beautiful.  Each strip that she creates is a masterpiece, all individually drawn and hand-painted.  Some pages of her art were even featured in an exhibition at the Swiss Horse Museum in Europe!  It is an honor that I am able to share with you some of her incredible art here in the gallery.

Here's the history of the strip, as described by Diana:

"I've drawn comics for over 20 years, but the 'Antique White House' marked a break-line in my artistic life and career.  I originally specialized in war-comics and fantasy-comics that took place with WWI imagery.  And suddenly, in the year 2000, President Kennedy came to me as a muse and urged me to tell his stories from then on.  Even if the Antique White House takes place in an alternate universe, I had to do a lot of research because I wanted to keep the personality of the fictional JFK as close as possible to the historical one.  I was more than once surprised to discover that my prior inspiration matched historical facts, or at least some aspects of them.  That's probably why, in spite of all its strangeness, AWH has a strong feeling of truth and inner logic.

"The challenge for me was not only to get into an entire new set and world, it was also the large cast.  With JFK and his harem I have in fact 7 main characters.  It is not always easy to render all of them properly.

"But to draw AWH is a great pleasure.  I enjoy drawing John F. Kennedy, for he was such a graceful beauty and bringing him back to life in this alternate world is a pleasure I enjoy very much.  But beyond that, it is also a great pleasure to build his world, to dive in, with all its exotic yet also well-known myths and spirituality."

One very important thing to note;  Antique White House is a fictional work and is not meant to be a historical account of the life of JFK.  As stated by Diana on her website, "The intent of this series is definitely not to offend anybody or to do cynical, corrosive  parody.  Despite of the mentioned 'inner truth' it  is fictional and has to be taken as such.  I recommend you to read good, serious documentary books to learn about the historical President Kennedy."

Check out some of Diana's amazing artwork below!


Example of an Antique White House strip by Diana Sass� 2005.  This original art was used in Diana's book, Antique White House #1 Saturnalia.


Example of Antique White House daily by Diana Sass� January 7, 2005.  This original art was used in Diana's book, Antique White House #1 Saturnalia.


Reverse of Antique White House daily for January 7, 2005.  Two beautiful and fully-rendered panels by Diana;  the one on the left is a guest art that she did for the webcomic Casual Notice, and the panel on the right is an original drawing of Mary for the Antique White House 2006 calendar.


Example of an Antique White House strip by Diana Sass� 2005.  This original art was used in Diana's book, Antique White House #1 Saturnalia.


A breathtaking original piece by Diana depicting a scene out of Antique White House, with JFK on horseback.  Stunning detail and coloring;  this photo does not do the artwork justice.


An incredible original drawing/painting by Diana of Norma and Jacqueline on the beach in Hawaii.  What a beautiful piece.  Thanks, Diana!


Check out Antique White House for yourself by clicking on the link below!


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