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Alex's Restaurant, by Pete Sinclair

Alex's Restaurant debuted on on August 11, 1997.  Here's the description that was formally on the website:

"This is the story.... of Alex and Joanne Riverside, who escaped from the downsizing corporate world to open their own alternative cyber-cafe in the sleepy middle American town of Grassy Knoll, Wisconsin.

Having taken over Sam'n'Ella's, the local greasy spoon cafe, they have converted it into a crunchy granola, vegetarian Cyber-Cafe. These are their continuing adventures on the frontiers of the Culture War..."

Here's a bio of Pete Sinclair from the website, which still has E-Cards of Alex's Restaurant that were made by Pete Sinclair (see the animated gifs below):

"Peter Sinclair has been producing his cartoon, Alex's Restaurant, "Your Friendly, Neighborhood, Over the CounterCulture, a.k.a. The World's Tastiest and Most Therapeutic Cartoons Trip", for about 8 years. Peter is 44, educated at the University of Michigan, and lives with his wife Sandy and their two kids in Midland, Michigan, USA. Yahoo Internet Life magazine has called Alex's "the Next Dilbert", and circulation is growing steadily. Peter is currently negotiating for worldwide print syndication, as well as a possible book. Alex's Restaurant is now part of the Nando Times, one of the top 5 web news sites, and is being picked up by other online papers as well. Slide on up to the counter and get your fill of Peter Sinclair's hilarious animated cartoons!"

Unfortunately, the strip is no longer active, and I believe it ended some time in 2002 (I'm not sure).

Check out some great sketches that I received from Pete below.


Sketches of Cranbrook, Alex, Joanne, and Carl of "Alex's Restaurant" signed by Pete Sinclair.  Pete inscribed this one to my sister MayLee.


A bunch of "Alex's Restaurant" headshots sketched and signed by Pete Sinclair.  Note the inscription, "Alex's Restaurant Your friendly neighborhood over the counter culture!"


More "Alex's Restaurant" headshots sketched and signed by Pete Sinclair.  Note the inscription, "The world's tastiest and most therapeutic comic!"


More "Alex's Restaurant" sketches signed by Pete Sinclair.


More sketches by Pete.


More headshots of Cranbrook, Joanne, Alex, and Carl signed by Pete Sinclair.  Pete had asked me to write to my local paper to ask them to carry Alex's Restaurant;  I did with a cc to Pete hence the inscription "Hey Eric!  Great letter!" on this piece.


More great sketches of the "Alex's Restaurant" gang signed by Pete.  Included in this one are Alex, Cranbrook, Ramona, Joanne, and Chad.


More sketches by Pete.  I found this one ironically funny as it has coffee stains on it.


More sketches signed by Pete.


More sketches signed by Pete.


More sketches by Pete.


Front cover of Alex's Restaurant paperback book.


Back cover of Alex's Restaurant paperback book.


Here are some animated gifs of Alex's Restaurant by Pete Sinclair that are E-Cards that can still be sent online.  All images are copyright Pete Sinclair.



"All the great traditions say..."  Copyright Pete Sinclair.                               "Genetically enhanced"  Copyright Pete Sinclair.



"North"  Copyright Pete Sinclair.                                                                 "Nrrdgrrl"  Copyright Pete Sinclair.



"Poetry nite"  Copyright Pete Sinclair.                                                         "Third eye"  Copyright Pete Sinclair.



"Yoga gives me body control"  Copyright Pete Sinclair.                                "Your server"  Copyright Pete Sinclair.



"Toxic"  Copyright Pete Sinclair.                                                         "It talks!"  Copyright Pete Sinclair.


"Pen Pals"  Copyright Pete Sinclair.

To send these E-Cards of Alex's Restaurant, click here.


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Here's another site I found with some of the more current strips.

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