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GGA Pinups and Commissions - Tony Libido


PLEASE NOTE:  There is some mild nudity in one of the images on this page and thus it may not be suitable for children.


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Tony Libido is a noted artist of Fantagraphics/Eros Comix, and is the creator of the adult comics Here Come The Lovejoys and Boffy the Vampire Layer.


Original color pinup of Vampirella by Tony Libido, done in 2006.  Strathmore bristol board stock size:  8 1/2" x 14".  Artwork was created using pen, ink, watercolor, and mixed media.


A great original drawing by Tony Libido of Jenny Lovejoy of Here Come The Lovejoys and Boffy of Boffy the Vampire Layer on the beach in Hawaii.  A great pic with an awesome gag too (thanks, Tony!).


Pick up some of Tony's published work (including the print comics of Here Come The Lovejoys) by checking out the Last Gasp online catalog (be warned, that is an adult site with explicit adult comics).

Also, check out an interview with Tony done by artist and Quick Step webcomic creator Max Riffner here.


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