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Little Audrey (the comic book), Harvey Comics

Little Audrey began life in the Famous Paramount animated cartoons. Her first cartoon was "Santa's Surprise" in 1947, and eventually she appeared in 16 animated shorts.

Little Audrey apparently was popular enough that soon she appeared on a number of products, had her own newspaper comic strip, and starred in her own comic book published by St. John.  St. John published 24 issues of Little Audrey from 1948-1952, before she moved to Harvey.


Original Little Audrey comic book page for issue 26, page 1 (I think).  Page size:  14 1/4" x 20 1/4".  The page is consisted entirely of stats.


Original Little Audrey comic book page by Warren Kremer (attributed) for issue 40, page 1.  Page size:  12" x 18".


Original Little Audrey comic book tryout page by Irving Dressler, unpublished.  Approximate image size:  12" x 18".


Also see the gallery page for the Little Audrey comic strip to see some great examples of original Little Audrey newspaper art.