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First Love

I don't know much about this title.  If anybody has any information, please let me know!


Original art page for First Love Issue 18, page 16, by Zeke Zelley (attributed;  this info came from the person I got it from, but I only heard of Zeke Zekley and not Zelley;  anyone know if this is a Zekley page?  Please let me know!).  Art board size: 14 1/4" x 20".  This is page one of a two-page center spread.  The pasteup title is missing, but handwritten there is "Strange Romantic Customs".


Original art page for First Love Issue 18, page 17, by Zeke Zelley (attributed;  again, this info might be flawed as I think it might actually be Zeke Zekley;  again, if anybody knows please email me!).  This is page two of a two-page center spread.


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